Your Guide to the Ultimate Cheese Toastie

By: Georgia Free

Winter is the perfect time to curl up with a decadent cheese toastie that warms you up from the inside out. But how do you get that next-level cheese toastie? We’ve compiled tips from our community to create The Guide to the Ultimate Cheese Toastie.

Butter. Lots of Butter.

“Lots of butter on the outside.” – Rebecca

“Butter on the side of the bread that gets toasted. Crisps up nicely and tastes amazing!” – Reeba

“Garlic butter on the bread.” – Em

“Butter on the outside (and edges).” – Donna

“Lots of butter and a flat non-stick hot plate.” – Elissa

“Pan fry with lots of butter on both sides of the bread. Do not put in sandwich press.” – Lisa

“Butter and pepper on the outside!” – Ashley

The Type of Cheese Matters

“At least two kinds of cheese.” – Glen

“Grate the cheese yourself!” – Sylvia

“Use pizza cheese.” – Lillian

“Stretchy cheese is necessary!” – Lynne

“Cracker Barrel Tasty Cheese.” – Robyn

“Camembert.” – David

“Three cheeses – one of them creamy and one tasty with thin parmesan cheese slices added just before toasting is complete.” – Lisabeth

“Three cheeses. Tasty, mozzarella and ‘plastic’ cheese.” – Sarah

“Two slices of Bega cheese.” – Clinton

“Extra sharp cheddar cheese.” – 0Al

Crusts Equal Crunch!

“Sprinkling shredded parmesan cheese on the outside of it, after you’ve buttered it and before toasting it! It adds a fantastic crust.” – Michelle

“Put it in the air fryer for the best crisp.” – Hiba

Cheese and tomato Toastie
Photo: by Llio Angharad on Unsplash

A Touch of Spice (or Condiments) Never Hurts

“Some freshly and finely chopped chilli (red or green, doesn’t matter).” – David

“Chives on the inside with the cheese.” – Nic

“Paprika.” – Thomas

“Once toasted a little sprinkle of salt or sprinkle some Worcestershire sauce on the bread before cheese then toast.” – Donna

“Garlic aioli on one of the inside surfaces.” – Renee

“Chutney.” – Bev

“Cranberry sauce goes well with cheese toasties!” – Deirdree

“Add some basil and oregano!” – Crystal

“Mayonnaise under the cheese.” – David

“Spread garlic and herb Philly on one slice and Dijon mustard on the other and a little bit of black pepper on the cheese.” – Koss

Choose Your Own Adventure With These Extras

“Add ham and pineapple too.” – Taline

“Add ham and tomato.” – Mick

“A good slice or two of tomato in the middle with a dash of pepper.” – Louise

“If you want to add tomato, dice it up so it doesn’t come out as a whole slice and drop on your chin!” – Katie

“Adding some caramelised onion is really yummy.” – Cath

‘”Add some baked beans!” – Anne

“Add leek!” – Marley

Final Tips for the Finishing Touches!

“Letting it rest… just long enough so that you don’t burn your mouth on the first bite of glorious molten cheese.” – Donna

“Getting someone to make it for you!” – June

Article supplied with thanks to Hope Media.

Feature image: Photo by Scott Eckersley on Unsplash  

About the Author: Georgia is a broadcaster, writer and podcaster from Sydney, Australia.

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