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About Us

Who We Are

Darwin’s 97 Seven is a radio station that aims to broadcast the Christian message of salvation to the Greater Darwin and Palmerston region and now even to the Rural areas extending past Humpty Doo.

You know that when you listen to Darwin’s 97 Seven you’ll hear a positive, uplifting message in song lyrics, inspirational spots, and even in the sponsorship spots we put to air. 

As a listener-supported station, you’ll hear fewer ads on Darwin’s 97 Seven than on commercial stations. You’ll also hear fundraising appeals a couple of times a year. It’s the generous support of listeners like you during our appeals that allows us to together provide life-affirming and positive messaging to Darwin, Palmerston and the Top End. 


“Hi just wanted to share this with you to encourage you in your wonderful work at the station.

I am a single mother with 2 sons and like most boys they were hard work, no matter what I said, they would not do their homework or help around the house, never go to bed when they were told and I was wondering if I would ever be able to get through to them and if I would be able to keep them out of trouble.

Then about 12 months ago things started to change I noticed that they were doing stuff around the house, and their bedroom was always tidy. It was yes mum and sure Mum, I loved the change but was worried that something was going on, I did not have to tell them to go to bed, they would just get up at 8:30pm and go to their room.

One night I thought I just have to challenge them so I said ok Boys what’s going on, and they said what do you mean.

I said you have changed, you are doing stuff around the house, doing your homework, going to bed on time and its yes Mum and no Mum.

They just smiled, looked at each other and said Mum we found this new radio station, its called Darwin’s 97 seven and that’s why we have been going to bed so we have been listening to this guy and 6 weeks ago at the end of his talk he said if you want Jesus in your life just pray with me and we did and now we are Christians. Mum you just have to listen with us.

I was shocked but they had changed so much I did listen with them and 6 months ago I gave my life to Jesus as well.

Thank you Darwin’s 97 Seven, you have saved our family. Please don’t stop doing what you do!”

Station Policies & Operating Documents

Darwin’s 97 Seven publish our Strategic Plan, Current Annual Report and New or Revised Policies on our website. We believe in maintaining a culture of openness and transparency, including making Our Strategic Plan and other important policy documents publicly available on our website.

We face increasing demand by the community media sector, the Australian Government, potential funders/donors and the community to be more open about how we work and our decisions and believe it is mutually beneficial to both ourselves with:

  • Less time spent explaining goals and strategies to potential funders and donors
  • Stronger and more open relationships with funders, donors and other stakeholders
  • Increased community trust

Click here to view the documents.

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