Why sponsorship is different with Darwin's 97Seven

Why partner with Darwin's 97Seven as a station sponsor? Read on!

Radio advertising is a wonderful way to build your brand as well as let a whole bunch of people know about your products, services, special event, or sale. As a community radio station, Darwin’s 97Seven does things a little differently. We are the Top End’s Christian and community-based radio station, providing only positive and encouraging messages to our listeners each and every day.

• We have highly engaged and responsive listeners who invest in the station financially each year through on-air appeals, giving them a strong sense of ownership and brand loyalty.
• We can create a specific and affordable package for your needs to promote your product or service.

As a community radio station, we play only five minutes of sponsorship each hour. This means your unique advertising package and Call to Action (CTA) will have more traction in the market, and you will be one of only two advertising spots in a row, so your ad will always be heard either first or last, making you top-of-mind for our listeners.

Darwin’s 97Seven has a Net Promotor Score* of 52 within the radio sector. This means our listeners are twice as likely to take action when hearing your on-air message and are likely to recommend the station to a friend or relative.

When you advertise with Darwin’s 97Seven you will be reaching people like never before!

3 Reasons you should consider radio advertising with Darwin’s 97Seven:

1. Less Clutter—2 ads per ad break, and only 5 mins per hour—making your business stand out
2. Family-friendly and kid-proof messages
3. Competitive rates
Be top of mind!

Talk with one of our Advertising Sponsorship Team today on  0408 007 596, or email manager@darwins97seven.com. We’d love to get in touch and talk about how we can partner with you to help you grow your business.

*A national survey of CMAA member station audience n= 4467. Also, a national survey of commercial radio listeners n=1029. Research conducted February and March 2019