Get ready for Miracles Day!

By: CBM Australia

Give someone the Miracle of sight this Thursday.

This Thursday, 19 August, you have the chance to give someone the Miracle gift of sight – changing their life forever.

Now in its ninth year, Christian radio’s partnership with CBM for Miracles Day has helped inspire Australians to give almost a quarter of a million Miracles of sight-saving surgery to people needlessly going blind from cataracts in the poorest places on earth.

A Miracle is life-changing surgery that restores the vision of someone with cataracts – which are the leading cause of low vision or blindness in developing countries.

Cataract surgery is safe and quick – often done in just 12-minutes – and costs just $33, about the price of two movie tickets.

marjil celebrates a successful eye surgery
Marjil celebrates a successful eye surgery

Worldwide, around 20 million people have cataracts. And the majority of these people live in the world’s poorest countries – where they can’t afford surgery or are unable to access healthcare, which means they are going needlessly blind.

People with disabilities are among the hardest hit by the catastrophic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, making accessing life-changing healthcare like cataract surgeries even more unreachable than ever.

More than ever, your gift of a $33 Miracle can help change someone’s life.

Last year, CBM International provided eye screening, examination and treatment to 3.3 million people and funded 301,256 eye surgeries worldwide.

Miracles Day Campaign Manager, Mariska Meldrum, says that at its heart, Miracles Day is about people caring about other people.

“Miracles Day gives people like us the opportunity to change someone’s life, for less than it would cost to go out to a movie or a meal with a friend,” says Meldrum.

“For many of us, it’s a small sacrifice, but that one act has a huge impact – giving someone living in poverty in a country like Bangladesh, Nepal or the Philippines the surgery they desperately need to restore their sight.  And it’s something that will change their life forever.”

Give someone a $33 Miracle today online or by calling 131 226.

Article supplied with thanks to CBM Australia.

Feature image: supplied / Sathi, a recipient of a successful cataract surgery

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