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Extraction 2: Light on Story, Big on Entertaining Action (Movie Review)

By: 1079Life

Starring Australia’s own Chris Hemsworth and directed by Sam Hargrave, Extraction 2 is a Netflix exclusive action film in the vein of Red Notice & The Gray Man before it.

Extraction 2 follows shortly after the events of the first Extraction film, with Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) recovering in hospital before being forced into retirement in a cabin at the edge of a lake. Naturally, like any 6 foot muscle bound action hero; retirement doesn’t stick and Tyler is brought back into the action; where he receives a call to action in the form of another extraction. This time, that of a Georgian family from a maximum security prison.

The story of Extraction 2 is paper thin and because of this you don’t need to have seen the first film to understand what’s going on in Extraction 2. With that being said, the thin story is not a criticism. Extraction 2 has no fat, no social message, no deep philosophy and yet it has heart. There is just enough down time to flesh out Chris Hemsworth’s character, who, is more or less just Chris Hemsworth in the same way Tom Cruise goes full Cruise control in Tom Cruise action flicks.

It’s All About the ActionExtraction 2 movie stills

The action of Extraction 2 is a genuine highlight for any action film enthusiast. The film is what it is and makes no apology for it. The takedowns are heavy, the choreography is superbly implemented and the action is easy to follow. With that being said; unlike a Tom Cruise lead film; this film does have a few graphic moments’ that – while quick – felt a little unnecessary. Its the type of action that would raise the films classification from an M 15+ to an MA 15+ if it were in cinemas, so keep that in mind when deciding to watch this film.

Visually, this film is well shot, well directed and the use of CGI feels fairly seamless. There are a couple of moments where you might question if something is CGI or not, but only briefly before sinking back into the immersion. the film also experiments with the use of some long takes at three distinct points, most notably during a train battle sequence which is spectacular and fun to watch.

Extraction 2 movie stills

While some Netflix productions struggle to mask a limited budget in the way Netflix’s Red Notice does, Extraction 2 feels appropriately large scale and bombastic. The film does only take place in several distinct locations but it feels appropriate for the type of film it is.

At the end of the day, Extraction 2 is a light, easy and entertaining film to watch and it’s a film that knows what it is and what it wants to do. The action is very intensive and won’t be for everyone, there are no memorable lines and the story is very basic. But for those who just want to watch Chris Hemsworth kick lots of bad guy butt for two hours then you’re in for a treat.

I’d give Extraction 2 – 3.5 explosions out of 5

Classification: As previously mentioned, Extraction 2 does have a few quick but graphic scenes. the action is very intensive and there is course language. Extraction 2 is very much more geared toward a late teenage and up film.

Article supplied with thanks to 1079life.

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