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Emergency Doctor by Day, Ninja Warrior by Night: Dr Alvina Ng on Fitness and Faith

By: Sam Robinson

Despite a short run on Australian Ninja Warrior, Dr Alvina Ng is inspiring her patients daily with her own fitness.

If you’re in need of some motivation, look no further than Dr Alvina Ng.

The Emergency Doctor at Auburn Hospital uses her free time to get fit, and wants to inspire her patients to do the same. And, seemingly overnight, she became the face of this year’s season of Australian Ninja Warrior – plastered on billboards and posters across the country.

“I was very surprised to be honest,” Alvina said. “I went into this knowing that this is unachievable on my own – all glory to God! To be on the billboards, that’s mind-blowing. That’s beyond what I could ever expect or imagine.”

a facebook post by western sydney health which features images of alvina ng and says make sure you watch auburn hospital emergency doctor alvina ng take on australian ninja warrior tonight on channel 9!

Dr Alvina was invited to audition for the show via a direct message, after a producer saw her Instagram account.

She says that she has always been a fan of the show, and so it was an easy choice to try out. A woman of faith, she also believes it was God’s work that she received the invitation.

“The whole time I wanted to be on the show to encourage people to live a healthy life, and hopefully be an inspiration for people to unleash their fullest potential and live life to the fullest but I knew deep down there was something more than that. To me there was a higher purpose in this.

“For me, I went with the mindset that, whatever this is, I hoped to glorify God in this as well.”

Back in her day job in Emergency, Dr Alvina wants to inspire her patients daily, as an example of a healthy lifestyle, encouraging them to live their life to the fullest and stay healthy.

“For me, the foundation of medicine is having healthy nutrition and eating habits, and also mental health and spiritual health,” she said.

Although she didn’t make it through her heat on Ninja Warrior, Dr Alvina remains positive that she might just get back up again for next year’s season.

“There were a few things I thought I could have done better, for the obstacles. I went in there to have fun, and met a lot of nice and amazing people. I’m still really happy at the end of the day, really happy.”

You can watch Dr Alvina Ng on Australian Ninja Warrior on 9Now.

Article supplied with thanks to Hope Media.

Feature image: Supplied

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