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Bluey’s House is For Sale! Hit Show is On a Cliffhanger

By: Justin Rouillon

Bluey fans around the world have been left shellshocked after it was revealed that Bluey’s iconic hilltop Queenslander is on the market.

It came at the end of the most recent episode ‘Ghost Basket’, and has left fans of the show on a knife’s edge ahead of Bluey’s 28 minute special, ‘The Sign’ which airs Sunday April 14 on ABC Kids.

And fans of the show have genuine concerns about the future of the show; while seasons two and three had been signed off on before the respective season finales had aired, season four has yet to be greenlit.

While the official word from Ludo Studio and BBC Studios is that the show is not cancelled, simply that the creative team is on an extended hiatus, the future is unclear for a brand that’s estimated worth sits at around $2 billion.

Charlie Aspinwall is the co-founder of Ludo Studio and Bluey’s executive producer, and recently told Bloomberg Business that he and business partner Daley Pearson “don’t have a master plan” for the future of Bluey.

And quietly, while fans were debating what was going to happen next with Brisbane’s biggest cultural export, a sale listing appeared on the Domain website for a “quaint, animated family home”.

In true Bluey style, an opportunity for a partnership was not to be missed, with the listing agent shown as Bucky Dunstan (who was mentioned in the season three episode, ‘Dragon’).

Image: The Heeler listing on Domain (domain.com.au).

And while there’s no floor plan (the property description tells of “mysterious hallways that don’t logically seem to join spaces together”), you can call Bucky and leave a voice message!

That then begs the obvious question – what would the Heeler house ‘fetch’ (pun intended) in the current Brisbane market?

Perched on a hill on the border of Red Hill and Paddington, the Bluey art directors have given the Heelers the best spot in town, with views of Mt Coot-tha, the city and and an uninterrupted view down the river.

Image: The Heelers have one of the best views of Brisbane, as seen in the episode ‘The Show’ (BBC Studios/ABC Kids).

Von Barnes is a buyers agent working in Brisbane’s inner north-west and says that the potential was sky high in the current market.

“Brisbane prices are now matching Melbourne, and some suburbs have almost doubled in the last six to eight years.”

But what about the price?  Are the Heelers sitting on a gold mine?

“Prices in that area are starting around $3 million and going skywards.  It depends on how the house has been presented but something (like the Heeler house) could go for around $5 million.”

So what’s next for Bluey and Bingo?  Will they actually sell? Are the Heelers up for a sea or tree change?

All will be revealed in the 28 minute special edition ‘The Sign’, which series creator Joe Brumm has described as “summing up everything Bluey has tried to do in the last few years” (Bloomberg Business).

‘The Sign’ airs nationally on ABC Kids and ABC iview, from Sunday April 14 at 8am.

Article supplied with thanks to 96five.

Feature image: With the Heeler house up for sale, fans of the show have been asking what’s next for Bluey (BBCStudios/ABC Kids).

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