2 Easy Ways To Talk About God’s Character

By: yesHeis

When presented with an opportunity to talk about God, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. What do I tell them? Where should I start? How do I squeeze in so much info in such a short amount of time?

With all this going on in the back of your mind, you can easily lose track of what originally sparked the conversation and start sounding like you’re going through a checklist. It might be good information, but it’s often not what the person is looking for.

So, how do we talk about God in an approachable and personal way?

Here are 2 easy ways to talk about God’s character…

1. Show that God is approachable

A great first step is to realise that God Himself is approachable and personal with each of us. As you grow and journey in our faith, we encounter God and He teaches us about His character. When we approach sharing Jesus with this in mind, our conversation turns from being generalised to something more personal and relatable because we’re coming from personal experience and conviction.

2. Talk honestly about life with God

When chatting we can tell people about a characteristic of God that we’re learning about or being reminded of. Connecting it to something real or current in our lives is helpful. This way, not only do we get to talk about WHO God is, but we also get to model what it’s like to do life WITH Him. Authenticity draws people in and sparks their curiosity about Jesus.

It’s the Holy Spirit’s work to change a person’s heart toward the grace of God, all we have to do is be genuine with our faith experience and be open to sharing the ‘real’ side of our Christianity. Why not choose to have a conversation with someone this week about your personal relationship with Jesus?

Article supplied with thanks to The Journey by yesHEis.

About the Author: yesHEis provides various resources to help share your faith in relatable ways.

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