Be A Spark Online Auction

Be A Spark Online Auction

Don’t you love it when you can buy something a new toy or gift and support a local charity at the same time? Good News! That’s exactly what will happen when you bid on one of our auction items.

Check out all the goodies below and slip across to our Facebook event to place your bid.

How does it work?
Each item has been generously donated to Darwin’s 97 Seven to help us raise much needed funds for general operating costs and to widen our impact in our home town. If you see an item you would like comment on the Facebook picture of that item with your bid. If you win, we’ll get in touch. Easy peasy!

*Please ensure to make sure your bid complies with our auction rules to avoid disappointment.*

B I D   N O W

ITEM # 1

Valued at $1,000

The working principle is based on the basic principle called “dynamic stability” which is the automatic balance ability of the vehicle itself. After judging body posture position with a built-in precision solid gyroscope, the vehicles electronic brain works out proper instructions through a sophisticated and high-speed central microprocessor, electric scooter will drive the motor to balance the vehicle.


ITEM # 2

Valued at $3,000

100 Greatest Players of Rugby League 1908 – 2008.  A Centenary of Rugby League shows us the greatest players, season-by-season of rugby league’s first 100 years in Australia. Certificate of Authenticity included.


ITEM # 3

Valued at $100

Note: SD not included.

This is a Full HD 1080p HDD media player + DTV Receiver + Video Recorder for your digital home.

  1. Digital HDTV Set-top box–Receive High Definition DVB-T TV program on your HDTV
  2. HDTV PVR–Record your favorite TV Program into Hard Drive(Schedule Recording/TimeShift function)
  3. Video Capture–Record videos from your DV/DC/VHS tape/DVD/VCR etc via composite A/V interface
  4. Home Media Center–Play 1080p High Definition videos from hard drive/network to your TV

This Dual Tuner PVR and Multimedia Player is a sneak peak of the future PVR with multimedia playback capabilities.


ITEM # 4

Valued at $20

Pocket Tool Kit with pouch. 15 Tools in one.


ITEM # 5

Valued at $699

Amethyst with 18 Diamonds set in 9K White Gold.

*Pendant only*


ITEM # 6

Valued $699

Pink Sapphire with Diamond set in 14K White Gold.
Pendant only*


ITEM # 7

Valued at $699

Diamond with 2 smaller Diamonds set in 9K Yellow Gold.
Pendant only*


ITEM # 8

Valued at $150

Eye Kanc Cellarm Watch.


B I D   N O W